1910 Great Flood of Paris (“Crue de la Seine de 1910”)

In 1910, following months on high rainfall, the Seine river flooded Paris and many of its neighboring towns.

The waters did not overflow the river’s banks within the city, but flooded Paris through subway tunnels and sewers.

For over a week, the flood shut down the city’s basic infrastructure and thousands of Parisians had to evacuate their homes and to make their way around the city on improvised footbridges.

Some images of the flood:


Pont de Solférino


Gare Saint-Lazare


Quai de Passy


Quai de Grenelle


Supply boats at Boulevard Saint-Germain


Pont Notre-Dame


One of the exits of Saint-Lazare metro station

gare st lazare

Avenue Ledru-Rollin


Gare d’Orsay (now the Musée d’Orsay)

quai orsay

Rescue boats (I would like to find the location of the shot – can someone tell me?)


Rue de Seine


Pont Saint-Michel


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